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What is the Operating Procedure of CNC Machining Service?

Advantages of CNC machining service

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, CNC machining service has become an indispensable tool in the processing and manufacturing industry. It not only greatly improves processing efficiency, saves costs, but also improves processing accuracy and guarantees product quality. So what is the operating procedure of CNC machining service? In response to this problem, I will introduce it in detail next.

Operation procedure of CNC machining service

  • 1. Clean up the dust and dirt on the machine guide rail and spindle, and add lubricating oil on the machine guide rail and the frame (the quantity should be appropriate and evenly distributed);

  • 2. Turn on the power and turn on the computer;

  • 3. Manually control the maximum stroke movement of the machine tool in the XYZ three-axis direction, check whether the machine is abnormal, and can lubricate the guide rail;

  • 4. According to the actual programming and processing, it is necessary to use plastic tape to surround the sealing ring-the pad, and place it on the material to be processed to check whether the vacuum can suck.

  • 5. Check whether the computerized product drawings and actual processing drawings (drawings issued by the team) are consistent. Modify graphics, program, use positioning holes to check that the graphics are consistent with the actual processing position (modify the offset graphics to test to meet the processing requirements).

  • 6. According to the processing requirements of the drawings, the program outputs the measurement of the processed material (the middle value of the positioning machine size), processing, production, processing, product inspection (modify the offset graphics to check until it meets the processing requirements).

  • 7. Copy the program and process the product.

  • 8. After finishing the product processing, complete the day's production tasks, clean up the machine tool (watch, rail, spindle, etc.) and the computer host, monitor, mouse, keyboard surface dust and dirt. View more details about China CNC machining service.

  • 9. Turn off the power (computer, machine, vacuum cleaner, vacuum pump, main gate, etc.).

The above operating procedures for CNC machining service are shared here for everyone. In short, because CNC machining service is a precision machine tool, there must be correct operating procedures to ensure the accuracy of the product, prolong the service life of the machine and the safety of the operator.

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