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What Are the Uses of ABS Plastic Granules?

ABS recycled material is an important engineering plastic alloy. Nowadays, in order to meet the special requirements of fire safety in the application field (especially electronic and electrical products), the requirements for the environmental friendliness of materials are getting higher and higher, and the harm caused by traditional halogen-based flame retardants is becoming more and more obvious. Let's take a look at the application fields of ABS plastic granules.

1. The application of ABS plastic granules in the automotive industry

There are many parts in the automobile industry that are made of ABS or ABS alloys, such as the Santana sedan in Shanghai. Each car uses 11kg of ABS, ranking third in plastics used in automobiles. In other vehicles, the usage amount of ABS is also alarming. The main parts in the car use ABS, such as the dashboard with PC/ABS as the skeleton, and the surface is covered with a film made of PVC/ABS/BOVC. In addition, a large number of ABS are used in the interior decoration parts, such as the glove box and the glove compartment assembly that are made of heat-resistant ABS, the upper and lower trims of the door sill, the water tank mask that are made of ABS, and many other parts that are made of ABS as raw materials.

2. The application of ABS plastic granules in office machines

Due to the high gloss and easy formability of ABS, office equipment and machines can enjoy a beautiful appearance and a good feel. ABS plastic products include telephone casings, memory casings, and components widely used in computers, fax machines, and copiers.

3. The application of ABS plastic granules in household appliances

Due to the high gloss and easy formability of ABS plastic granules, it has a wider market in home appliances and small appliances. For example, a large number of ABS are used as raw materials for the components of household fax machines, audio, VCD, cleaner and kitchen utensils.

The main body of plastic ABS is a blend or terpolymer of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, which is a tough and rigid thermoplastic. Styrene gives ABS good moldability, gloss and rigidity; acrylonitrile gives ABS plastic granules good heat resistance, chemical resistance and surface hardness; butadiene gives ABS good impact strength and low temperature resilience. If proportions of the three components are different, their properties vary accordingly.

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