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Forlong is a company that is good at cnc machining titanium metals in China. As a titanium manufacturer and supplier, Forlong has been focused on the processing of customized cnc titanium parts for over ten years. Our titanium company has the latest equipment and tooling facilities, skilled machinists, and rich professional knowledge of titanium design. We can offer all kinds of cnc machining titanium services and customize first-class quality titanium alloy CNC machining parts with accurate specifications, competitive prices, and timely delivery according to your requirements. In our titanium CNC machining workshop, milling, turning, drilling and more processes can be adopted, including perfect surface treatment. Our titanium alloy parts can be applied for a lot of industries and applications, usually including aircraft parts and fasteners, gas turbine engines, compressor blades, casings, engine covers, and heat shields. We support titanium wholesale and titanium bulk, provide custom titanium for sale and develop different kinds of products. Looking forward to the pleasant and friendly cooperative relations with global customers.


Forlong Titanium Alloy CNC Machining Product Specifications

Processing titanium grades: Grade 5 Titanium (Ti 6Al-4V), Grade 1 Titanium, Grade 2 Titanium, Grade 7 Titanium, and Grade 23 Titanium(Ti 6Al-4V Eli), Grade 4 Titanium, Grade 9 Titanium etc.

Product Kinds: rings, earrings, fasteners, watch cases, containers, wheels, custom components, etc.

CNC machining process: titanium milling, titanium turning, titanium drilling, etc.

Applications: Aerospace, surgical and dental equipment, oil and gas exploration, fluid filtration, military, etc.

If you want to know more details about titanium, such as the cost/price per pound of titanium and titanium spot price, please download the titanium operation pdf and video, or contact us!

The concept and application of titanium

Titanium material refers to a shiny transition metal with a silver color, low density, and high strength. The use of titanium covers many industries, including aerospace, medical, military, chemical processing, marine industry, they would like to choose titanium with high quality as the ideal material. The very popular titanium alloy among different types of titanium is considered grade 5. 

If you are searching for a trusted titanium processing service supplier, welcome send your requirement of custom titanium machining to us. We produce titanium rod, titanium sheet, titanium tube, titanium wire. We have carbon titanium, commercially pure titanium, copper titanium, cp titanium, crystal titanium, ti titanium, ferro titanium, pure titanium, raw titanium, titanium stainless steel and titanium steel. Forlong, a titanium factory in China, can manufacture a wide range of custom titanium products and provide custom titanium machining services to meet your needs.

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