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The best materials, the best parts from your metal machining supplier at Forlong Precision Machining Ltd.

Your project requires precise quality. Each part must provide first-class performance to make sure the success of your operation. To do this, each component must be made of good materials. Your metal machine shop must be in Forlong Precision Machining with the best.That’s what we do. The following is a quick guide to our materials, our work, and producing good results for our each customers.


Alloy Steel

4130 CR-MO steel bars and plates: This Universal Alloy provides good mechanical properties, perfect wear resistance and wear resistance. It has better solderability than other alloys. It is a useful and widely accepted alloy found in hand tools, axles, gears, sprockets, fasteners, piston rods, and wellhead components.

4140/42/45/50 chromium-molybdenum steel bars and plates: These oil-hardened steels have high hardenability. Because they have wear resistance, toughness, ductility and stress resistance at high temperature, they are widely used. They are particularly suitable for forging because of their self-scaling properties.

4340 nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel bars and plates: This is the best steel for parts that work in harsh conditions or require a high degree of safety. It has high hardenability, high strength and ductility at high temperature, and good non-deformation properties.



2024Aluminum: This metal provides a good strength to weight ratio. Its fatigue resistance and strength make it the first choice. It can be machined to perfection. The aluminum is commonly used in truck wheels, transport parts and aircraft parts.

6061 Aluminium Alloy: This grade of aluminum alloy can be welded in a variety of ways or brazed in a furnace. It has corrosion resistance and versatility. Commonly used in structural parts, truck body, screw machine parts.

7075 Aluminium Alloy: providing an excellent strength to weight ratio, this metal is the perfect part to experience high stress. Suitable for spot welding or flash welding engineering. It’s usually used when strength is most needed.


Cold-finished Carbon Rod and cold-rolled Strip

Cold finished Bar 1018: This steel is a better choice than other carburized parts. With Good Mechanical Processing Performance and excellent mechanical performance. Its features make it suitable for parts that require a high surface hardness and a soft core, such as worms, chain pins and dogs.

Cold finished Bar 1117: This low carbon, high manganese steel provides superior mechanical properties. It also has good carburizing performance. These characteristics make it the best material for ratchets, pins, gears and pinions.

Cold finished bars1141: These medium carbon steels provide free machinability and greater mechanical properties than other similar metals. They are ideal for bolts, bolts, pins, shafts and machine parts that require close finish tolerances.


Select the best

When you require the best materials, the best parts, choose the best, work with professionals. Forlong Precision Machining Ltd is your preferred metal machine shop in Shenzhen China. We have processed the perfect custom pieces for our clients. Our professional team receives your order as soon as possible and is responsible for all post-processing procedures and special deliveries. Contact us now to begin your next project.

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