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The advantages and maintain of CNC drilling and tapping center.

CNC drilling and tapping center, called drilling and tapping machine as well, is mainly applied for batch processing of porous and small holes. CNC drilling and tapping can change various tools for different products. So, it is very popular among enterprises and users. The specific advantages of CNC drilling center are as follows.

Advantage 1. It can be widely used in various materials.

It is mainly because that the CNC drilling and tapping center can alter various tools freely according to different materials. Therefore, various machining materials, for instance steel, aluminum alloy, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. High hardness materials can complete machining tasks by switching corresponding tools.In addition, CNC drilling and tapping center is also popular with customers because of its secure operation and advanced technology.

Advantage 2. It can also satisfy the request of different batch processing

Because the CNC drilling and tapping center adopts the processing mode of multi axis, multi tool, multi sequence and multi surface, the CNC drilling and tapping center can run multiple processes in the same time to satisfy the needs of customers for mass production,

Advantage3. High precision and small mistake

Because the CNC drilling machine center uses the most advanced intelligent system control, it can easily design and adjust different processing specifications, and can  process some columns of operations in accuracy such as drilling, slotting and tooth lifting to complete high-precision and small error workpieces.High quality mihanna cast iron is used for CNC processing equipment and major structure castings, with secure structure and quality. Through the finite element analysis method, reasonable structural strength and stiffener matching, the casting is calculated and analyzed by computer in order to provide higher mechanical stiffness. The three shafts are supported by steel wire guide rail, which can bear heavy load and fast movement to make sure accurate positioning. The full bearing support design, and the structure is firm, which can make sure the capacity of heavy load in the processing process. The major shaft head is reinforced with stiffeners, and the contact length ratio between the major shaft head and the column is fit for providing secure support for the main shaft.

How to maintain CNC drilling and tapping Center

  • 1. For avoiding inflexible bearings, the air compressor needs to be emptied frequently, which can prevent too much water in the air compressor from taking the air intake motor because it is not discharged in time.

  • 2. The oil cup of the duplex drilling machine (the oil cup on the right) should be filled with oil to lubricate the bearings and gears in the pneumatic motor and keep the CNC drilling machine durable.

  • 3. The bushing must also be oiled. If there is garbage in the CNC drilling machine oil, drain it and refill it as soon as possible.

  • 4. Regularly check the cleanliness and hygiene of all moving parts, and properly fill lubricating oil to ensure smooth operation of all parts.

  • 5. After finishing daily work, the operator shall take a vacuum cleaner to clean the waste debris on the rotor end of the spindle motor and the motor wiring terminal, in order to keep the waste debris from entering the bearing, leading to the accumulation of a large amount of waste debris on the rotor end and wiring terminal and accelerating the damage of the high-speed bearing. Therefore, it is necessary to stop the waste debris from entering the wiring terminal, resulting in short circuit burning of the motor

  • 6. During routine maintenance, attention must also be paid to whether all moving parts, screws and nuts are loose to avoid danger.

  • 7. When the operator leaves the machine and equipment of CNC drilling machine and tapping center, he must not continue all parts of the work to avoid wrong operation and danger of others.

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