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What is the standard delivery time of CNC machining services of Our Company? 

The standard delivery time of CNC machining services in China ranges from 15-30 days. The order quantity affects the lead time and other factors, both internal and external, that may change delivery times. This may include packaging, customs clearance, and shipping to China port.

Packing, Exporting and Shipping of CNC Machined Parts

Part of the process you need to consider when talking about delivery times would be packing, exporting process, and the shipping time. Remember that these are just approximate turnaround times and may vary from one location to another.

First to discuss is the packing time. Once an order is complete, the finished products are good to go for delivery. The first process that involves delivery would be the packaging. Usually, the packaging of the CNC machine parts takes one day. The finished products are cleaned first from oil and dirt. Next, the items are sealed using a film, to ensure that the parts are intact. Once sealed, it goes to a box and is loaded on pallets.

The next process would be exporting. In exporting, this may include procedures like getting customs clearance, delivery from the warehouse to the shipping lines, or sea freight. The whole process may take up to two days. This is an estimated time for checking the items in customs clearing and checks.

Last on the list would be the shipping process. This means that the items were moved from one location to another possibly through air shipping, or sea freight. Air shipping takes faster and usually takes up to four to five days. While for sea freight, it usually takes longer depending on how far the delivery location is. Approximately, sea freight delivery takes 30-45 days. This is considering the location and weather conditions.

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