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Forlong Precision
To customize the cnc machining products with various shapes, different dimensions, high precision, personalized color, beautiful logo, excellent surface treatment according to your requirement. All of these demands can be performed by Forlong Precision Machining Ltd., a company focuses on producing oem cnc machining parts.

Different Types of Parts Products

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Our commitment to high-quality assurance of CNC Bike Parts, CNC Machined Bicycle Parts: Small part of the bike fork, bike clamp, bike headset adjuster, bike peg, bike plug, bike QR, bike tool, and so on.
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Forlong Precision has the wide resources to offer turnkey parts of consumers demanding extra services such as heat treating, plating, grinding, polishing, and electroplating. 
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Advantages of Forlong Parts Products
  • High Quality & Precision Accuracy

  • Online CNC Design & Engineering Services

  • Experts in CNC design & CNC Engineering Service Industry

  • Professional engineering team and reliable CNC designs

  • Fast handling speed and on-time delivery