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Speaking of polyamide plastic, it is usually called nylon. The polyamide and nylon are same in their performances. As a CNC machining plastic material, the nylon manufacturers and suppliers will use cnc nylon machining parts to replace other metal materials, such as steel, iron, copper, and so on.

The cnc nylon machining use machine tools to remove excess parts from polyamide and nylon materials, and finish a series of cutting, turning, milling, grinding, drilling, and all movements to get the final nylon plastic parts that we want, according to confirmed programming. Nylon processing services and nylon cnc processing parts have the following advantage, such as high chemical and wear resistance, high hardness, and toughness, and nylon materials can offer important solutions for processing in electrical, mechanical, automotive, mechanical, chemical equipment, and other industries. Because of the non-toxicity, lightweight, excellent mechanical strength, wear resistance,  good corrosion resistance, and competitive price of nylon, nylon material is adopted in the processing for bearings, gears, pump blades, and other nylon parts. Polyamide also has high strength after melt spinning features and can be used in various medical and knitted products. Now, there are various types of cnc machining materials applied in many industries, including polyamide polyethylene, polyamide polypropylene, polyamide polyurethane, polyamide pvc, polyamide resins, polyamide teflon, polyester and polyamide, polyimide polyamide and so on.


Advantages of Nylon Materials

  • Low coefficient of friction

  • High mechanical strength

  • Wear resistance

  • Fatigue resistance

  • Electrical insulating properties

  • Thermal resistance

  • Self-lubricating

Nylon CNC machining-manufacturer of precision CNC machined nylon parts – Forlong Precision Machining Ltd is an excellent supplier of fast customized nylon parts for sale as you want. We are a nylon factory in China and has achieved great progresses among a number of polyamide companies. We have the latest production equipment, advanced technology, and a professional design and engineering team to provide CNC nylon plastic processing service.  We, as a precision cnc parts manufacturer, ensure that the precision CNC processed nylon parts meet your requirements and reach the highest quality of nylon, but still keep a competitive polyamide price. We can offer CNC nylon turning, milling, drilling, design, and engineering services, nylon 6, nylon 66, and more high-standard plastic and metal materials. We stock biaxially oriented nylon, biodegradable polyamide, glass filled nylon, glass reinforced nylon, bio based polyamide and transparent polyamide. We support nylon wholesale and nylon bulk, if you want to know more details about the desigh and use of cnc plastic material, please click the nylon video, nylon pdf or polyamide ppt.

The application of CNC Machining Nylon Parts

The typical application is in medical devices and electronics insulation, Forlong, as a polyamide company in China, has rich experience at processing nylon components such as Bushes, bearings, gears, housings, nuts, screws, spacers, washers, turbine, impeller, crank, instrument panel, driveshaft, valve, blade, screw rod, sealing ring, shuttle, sleeve, shaft sleeve connector, transmission structure parts, household electrical parts, automobile manufacturing parts, chemical mechanical parts, food processing machinery components, etc.

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