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Polycarbonate (PC) is a very transparent thermoplastic polymer that is very fit for cnc machining and milling polycarbonate services and machined cnc pc parts. Polycarbonate products have good machinability, perfect mechanical properties and competitive price of  polycarbonate raw material. Because of the high toughness, hardness, heat resistance, strength and low cost per pound of polycarbonate, polycarbonate material leads to being processed without difficulty. 

Polycarbonate material also makes CNC machining of industrial polycarbonate parts and components a very good option. We, as a polycarbonate company in china and distributor of polycarbonate, offer different types of custom polycarbonate products. We, being a polycarbonate manufacturer and supplier, stock many cnc plastic materials, including uv resistant polycarbonate, abrasion resistant polycarbonate, abs polycarbonate, aluminium polycarbonate, silicone polycarbonate and so on.

The application of polycarbonate plastic and polycarbonate metal range is large for different polycarbonate size and standard. The range includes electronics, medical, food, optics, semiconductors, machinery, automobiles, transportation, and more multiple industries.

The custom precision machining of CNC polycarbonate covers polycarbonate turning, milling, drilling, and more technologies. Polycarbonate sheets are not difficult to cut, but sharp tools and appropriate equipment should be used to minimize vibration and ensure safety. More details about the design and use of acrylic v polycarbonate can be gained by downloading polycarbonate video or pdf on the website of our polycarbonate factory.


Benefits of Polycarbonate Materials

Polycarbonate Materials produced by our company, which is one of cnc material suppliers, have many benefits as following :

  • High strength

  • Heat resistant

  • Outstanding weather resistance

  • Recyclable and safe

  • Great electrical insulation

  • Conforms to food standard

Ordinary polycarbonate parts by machining 

Connectors, housings and covers, boxes, insulators, gaskets, lenses, glass, seals, electrical appliances, optical storage media, helmets, face shields, dashboards, signs and displays, packaging materials, wheels, and rollers, aircraft parts, automobiles Parts, etc.

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