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Intelligent Application of Precision Machining of Auto Parts

1. The role of precision CNC machining parts in automotive welding

Those who are familiar with precision CNC machining parts know that the intelligence of precision processing plants has gained a certain popularity. For example, in the welding process of auto parts, the use of robots can reduce manpower input. Arc welding is the main application field of robotic processing in exhaust system manufacturing. Precision processing plants are used to assemble various precision machining parts of the exhaust system, such as exhaust pipes, flanges, mounting brackets, mufflers and catalytic converters.

2. Intelligent application of precision machining of auto parts

The arc welding of precision CNC machining parts is mainly done in the parts precision processing plant rather than in the final assembly plant. Many precision machining parts can be assembled together to become the power components of the car. These robotic applications include machine tool loading and unloading, grinding, deburring and other metal polishing applications. Similarly, car lights, air conditioning units, electronics and other sub-components in the car are assembled and tested by a variety of robots.

The precision machining production line for auto parts manufacturing, through the overall optimization design of equipment and information monitoring, system integration, traceability data management, optimal control of the assembly system and the effective integration of technologies such as precise positioning, hybrid force and position control, servo control, online fault diagnosis in automatic assembly, can realize automatic or semi-automatic operations in the processes of auto parts grabbing, handling, transmission, assembly, tightening, riveting, pressing, coding, spraying, dynamic detection, online management, etc., so as to increase the production efficiency and quality of products.

Previously, Automotive News released a list of the top 100 global automotive parts precision machining suppliers. Affected by the global COVID-19, the revenue of most companies in the 2021 global auto parts top 100 list declined in 2020 compared with 2019.

FORLONG precision CNC machining parts have been widely used in the automotive, aerospace, defense, hydraulics, lighting, medical, security, switch, transportation, telecommunications and leisure markets. We are committed to achieving higher standards of quality and technology to meet the needs of each customer and market demand. If you are interested in auto parts, you can contact our official customer service online, we will provide you with best service!

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