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How to reduce production costs by up to 30%

Insider information about negotiations with manufacturers

As we all know, one of the biggest factors in selection of a manufacturer is price. Engineers and buyers alike want low-cost parts (though low-quality parts have no value at all, no matter the price) . Manufacturers want prices low enough to get customers, but not so low that their business models won’t work.


Instead of looking for the lowest price and risking quality, tell your manufacturer how to lower the price of your parts. In the area of machining, we often work with customers on price, especially if they have a long-term relationship with us. . The double win make everybody happy.


One of the best ways to do this is to tell your manufacturer if you plan to repeat the process. If you need parts several times a year, even at a relatively low volume (10 pieces) , smart manufacturers would like to cut prices -- and if they’re not, come talk to Forlong Precision Machining Ltd.


How re-manufacturing can reduce costs

I pull the curtain back on our business to show you why our factory is willing to lower our prices for re-manufacturing:


Programming, modeling, building leverage. We can spread the cost of the project over more parts and more time. Initial setup and machine programming are much cheaper when it’s spread over 100 parts rather than 10. Once you’ve perfected the setup and programming, the rest of the run is less labor intensive.

Recurring revenue includes lower store prices. Who doesn’t like recurring revenue? If our shop can rely on your regular order, we can work with you to reduce the price. This is revenue that we don’t have to generate by finding new customers, issuing new quotes, and designing new parts sets.

Suppliers often offer discounts on bulk or repeat orders. We have very good suppliers who work with us to offer material and finished goods discounts for large orders or recurring revenue (I told you everyone loved it) . We can transfer the savings directly to the customers.

Repeat production = stronger relationships. Committed to machining, committed to establishing long-term relationship with customers. In fact, retaining customers makes a lot of business sense. But it’s not just practical: We want to be your own, go to the Forlong Precision Machining Ltd -- your manufacturing source -- and work with our customers as much as possible.


If you have to submit an inquiry for more than one part, don’t forget to mention repeat production! A manufacturer who really wants to partner with their customers should be willing to work with your price. Even better, save the trouble, please contact us for your next repeat production work. We will help you find the best price without affecting the delivery time and quality.


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