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How to Ensure the Accuracy of Electronic Parts and Components?

For many precision machining customers, when choosing a supplier, they are most concerned about the precision of precision electronic parts processing. In the precision machining industry, it is easy to find a random supplier, but it is difficult to find a supplier with suitable precision, and you must be cautious. In short, the accuracy is at risk, and the processing needs to be cautious.

1. In the precision electronic parts and components processing center, the processing process generally requires the use of multiple tools

In order to ensure the machining accuracy of precision parts, it is necessary to reasonably arrange the replacement order of machining tools. Corresponding to the replacement of machining tools is the machining sequence. The general process principle is to make the reference plane first, then punch the holes, first coarse and then fine.

In the process of precision machining, the processing of the datum plane is optimal, providing a positioning reference for the processing of other surfaces. The datum plane for positioning in this process is the positioning datum for the next process. Therefore, when the positioning benchmarks of all processes in the processing of a precision electronic component are determined, the sequence arrangement of the entire processing process can be pushed forward.

2. Processing of electronic components and components

When arranging the processing sequence of precision electronic components, it must be clear whether this precision machining needs to be done and processed. Pre-machining is also usually completed by CNC lathes. If the workpiece blank has high precision, the positioning is also guaranteed, or the processing volume is sufficient, it can be processed directly on the machining center without pre-processing. This needs to consider the difference between the accuracy of the rough datum of the blank and the process of the machining center, which can be completed by several processes or one process.

In the same way, if the pre-machined surface and the operation surface of the machining center have different standard requirements, sufficient machining allowance must be left in the pre-machined treatment. Finished in one clamping of the precision electronic parts processing center, all the processing contents including the pre-machined surface must also be included to ensure the final precision parts processing accuracy.

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