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How to Distinguish Acrylic (PMMA) from the PVC?

Plastic is often used widely in our daily life.As  transparent plastics,PMMA (acrylic acid) and PVC  are often seen in the market, both of which can be used to manufacture laminates. When we consider the choice of plastic materials, what is the difference between acrylic and PVC? In this article, we will compare them from multiple perspectives.

What is PMMA plastic?

PMMA, or polymethylmethacrylate, also known as acrylic acid and plexiglass, is a transparent plastic with high biocompatibility. Because of its light weight and not easy to break, it is very suitable to be used as a substitute for glass. Compared with other transparent polymers, PMMA has many technical advantages, such as high UV resistance and weather resistance, excellent light transmittance and unlimited multi-color selection. Because of so many advantages, PMMA is widely used in car windows, smartphone screens, skylights, hockey fields, lighting signs, aircraft ceilings, etc. PMMA can be processed by injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming and casting.

Advantages of PMMA materials

  • clarity and transparency. Up to 92% of the light can pass through PMMA, which is higher than glass and other plastics.

  • high hardness and toughness( PMMA) is a tough, durable, scratch resistant and lightweight material.

  • chemical resistance. Most laboratory chemicals have little impact on PMMA, but do not use them with chlorinated hydrocarbons or aromatic hydrocarbons.

  • strong UV resistance. Acrylic resin is highly resistant to UV and weathering. Prolonged exposure to the sun has no effect.

  • Biocompatibility. Because of this characteristic, it has become an ideal choice for the medical CNC machining.

What is PVC plastic?

PVC, also known as vinyl, is a widely used polymer made of carbon atoms derived from ethylene. PVC is both rigid and flexible. When it comes to the characteristics of PVC, it is hard, corrosion-resistant, bacteria impermeable, easy to clean, chemical resistant and non-conductive. Therefore, PVC plastic materials are widely used in medical products and applications, such as washbasin, blood bag, catheter, enteral feeding device, inflatable splint, medical gloves, pipe, thermal insulation blanket, intravenous infusion container, etc. It is also very suitable for durable materials in the construction industry. You can find PVC materials to make fences, floors, roofs, sealants, wires, windows, planks, etc. In some cases, some stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant synthetic materials can also be replaced by PVC. It is usually the first choice for many outdoor applications. Forlong, which is one of CNC milling manufacturers, can manufacture various PVC parts that meet the requirements through precision manufacturing and CNC processing services.

Advantages of PVC materials

  • PVC materials are everywhere, easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive.

  • PVC has good tensile strength.

  • PVC is resistant to chemicals and alkalis.

  • PVC has strong resistance deformation.

  • PVC has strong processability and is easy to cut, shape, weld and connect.

  • PVC is resistant to weathering, corrosion, impact and wear.

CNC Plastic materials selection - differences between acrylic acid (PMMA) and PVC

If you need to select one of the two materials in your project, you can compare them in the following aspects.

1. Color

PVC is natural white, while PMMA is a transparent polymer, and its color will not change easily.

2. Density

1.38g/cm3 is the density of PVC board and 1.1g/cm3 is the density of acrylic board. In the same case, the density of PVC is high.

3. Sound

If you knock a PVC board and PMMA board of the same size, you will find that the sound of acrylic is clear and the sound of vinyl is turbid.

4. Burning smell

Acrylic ignites a yellow flame, emitting a smell of alcohol and no smoke. When PVC board is burning, it will be green flame, emitting hydrochloric acid smell and white smoke.

5. Price

PVC is usually cheaper than PMMA.

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