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Four Important Technical Indicators of Fine Hole Quality of Precision CNC Machining Parts

1. Before working on precision CNC machining parts, their operation should be carefully checked

(1) After the precision CNC machining parts are powered on, check whether the switches, buttons and keys are normal and flexible, and whether the machine tool is abnormal.

(2) After the program is input, the code, address, numerical value, sign and decimal point of precision CNC machining parts should be carefully checked.

(3) Correctly measure and calculate the workpiece coordinate system. and check the results obtained. Input the workpiece coordinate system, and carefully check the coordinates, coordinate values, positive and negative signs, and decimal points.

(4) Before installing the workpiece, run the program once to see if the program can be carried out smoothly, whether the installation of tools and fixtures is reasonable, and whether there is "overtravel".

(5) Quick override switch to lower gear when cutting.

(6) During cutting feed, when the tool runs to the workpiece 30~50mm, under the feed hold, verify whether the residual values of Z-axis and X-axis coordinates are consistent with the machining program.

(7) During cutting and machining, after sharpening the tool and changing the tool, re-measure the tool position and modify the tool compensation value and tool compensation number.

(8) After the sequence is revised, carefully check the revised part.

(9) The machine tool can only be started after confirming that the workpiece is clamped. It is strictly forbidden to measure or touch the workpiece when the workpiece is rotated.

(10) When the precision CNC machined parts have abnormal conditions such as workpiece beating, shaking, abnormal sound, and loose fixtures, stop processing.

(11) After the emergency stop, the machine tool "return to zero" should be performed again to run the program again.

2. Four important technologies for precision CNC machining parts

(1) Whether the selection of precision machining cutting parameters is reasonable also has varying degrees of influence on the skewness. In the case of not affecting the production progress, it is not appropriate to use a large amount of cutting. The increase in the amount of cutting will affect the deflection of the hole.

(2) The assembly accuracy of the precision machining guide sleeve has an important influence on the hole deflection in deep hole machining, and is also a sensitive factor. When assembling the machine tool, ensure the coaxiality between the guide sleeve and the workpiece spindle and the spindle of the drill pipe box. The deflection of the hole in deep hole machining has a linear relationship with the machining length.

(3) The grinding angle of the deep hole drill also affects the skewness of the machined hole. It is recommended to use the grinding angle of the deep hole drill as shown in the figure, which can obtain a better deflection of the hole.

(4) The material uniformity of the precision machining workpiece has a great influence on the skewness as well. During the machining of precision CNC machining parts, the deep hole drill will be offset in the direction of the softer material. Therefore, the heat treatment of the material is very critical in deep hole machining with high skewness requirements.

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