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  • CNC Turning Capabilities
  • CNC Turning Capabilities
  • CNC Turning Capabilities

CNC Turning Capabilities

Smooth finishes and strict tolerances can be reached

Fast prototyping and end-use manufacturing

An extensive compatible metal and plastics materials

small, common to large  volume batches production run

High dimensional accuracy, and high reliability, high speed

Excellent productivity and improved efficiency

CNC Turning Types

  • Facing

    a turning way in which the workpiece is machined to its center.

  • Parting

    To make deep grooves in the part and remove a completed or part-complete component from the parent stock of precision CNC machining parts.

    Similar with parting, but only cut to a specific depth from outside or inside of workpiece named grooving

  • Drilling

    Drilling, which is one of custom cnc machining services, needs to remove surplus materials to drill holes from the inside of a workpiece with drill bits held stationary in the tailstock or tool turret of the lathe.

  • Boring

    enlarge or smooth an existing hole.

  • Knurling

    cut serrated pattern onto the surface of workpiece with knurling tool, to change or enhance the visual effect or hand grip.

  • Reaming

    remove a small volume of materials from a drilled hole, for highly accurate diameters.

  • Threading

    screw standard thread and non-standard thread usually means single-point thread.

  • Polygonal turning
    Polygonal turning

    non-circular machining without interrupting the rotation of the material.

An Overview of CNC Turning

Forlong is a CNC turning supplier and cnc turning and milling center in China. Forlong, also as a cnc turning company and manufacturer, provides all kinds of cnc turning & milling services suitable for mass production of high-precision small CNC turning parts, like the components for mobile phones, medical device, optical equipment, automobiles, lighting industries, office equipment, and so on. We, being a cnc machining service factory, also stock cnc turning oem and odm, and offer cnc turning products and service with affordable prices for sale. As far as we know, the CNC turning has changed into the most basic, most extensive, and most important technology in the machinery manufacturing industry, directly affecting production efficiency, cost, energy consumption, and environmental protection.

CNC Turning FAQs

What's cnc turning?

Precision cnc turning is a special pattern of CNC machining service provided in the cnc turning factory. The cylindrical workpiece is held tightly in the chuck and rotated. At the same time, cnc turning operation needs to put the turning cutter on the workpiece in order to get the part that we want, even the part without surface treatment finally. Sometimes the workpiece can be processed either inside or outside of the materials to get tubular with different forms. If you want to know more details, please watch related cnc turning videos or download related cnc turning pdfs.

When we need to turn some parts, the subtractive will be adopted frequently. Before the turning, the G code and turning equipment will be arranged well, then the material will be positioned very tightly in the chuck of the spindle. With the spindle rotating very fast, then the stationary cutter will remove the nonessential materials in order to get the expected dimensions of the turning part.

What's cnc turning center ,compared with lathing center?

It's CNC 3,4,5-axis which has power to turning, drilling, tapping, milling adopting a rotary tool turret, dual spindles, Y-axis, and multiple turrets.

More complex structure, high production, and comprehensive enclosures to keep chips and coolant splashes within the machine.

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