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CNC Milling Capabilities

We, as a cnc milling company, have over 10 years of CNC cnc milling and turning service experience , offering OEM milling machine services and parts, including high-precision custom cnc milling machining, thread milling, metal milling or plastic milling, aluminum cnc milling service and so on. 

We, as one of cnc machining parts manufacturers, provide cnc milling service with affordable price and cnc milling for sale.

Many the state of high precision cnc milling machines of Forlong CNC Milling Center:

Quantity of CNC milling centers: 6

Quantity of axes: 3 or 5 axes

The dimension of part for 3-axis milling machine: up to 500 x 500

The dimension of part for 5 axle cnc milling machine: maximum Ø 300

The precision: tolerance from  +/-0.005mm

Wide material: both all kinds of metals, such as aluminum for cnc milling service, various plastics and cnc milling stainless steel.

Custom cnc machining service: high quality and low cost.

CNC Milling Types

  • Angle milling
    Angle milling

    Also writes an angle milling, milling is neither parallel nor perpendicular to the plane of the tool axis.

  • Gear milling
    Gear milling

    The milling process used to create gears.

  • Plain milling
    Plain milling

    known as plain milling as well, refers to the cnc milling operation of milling using a plane milling cutter with teeth on the circumference, the rotation axis of the cutting tool is parallel to the surface of the workpiece.

  • Face milling:
    Face milling:

    The operation using a milling cutter has teeth on the circumference and the tool surface. The rotation axis of the cutting tool is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece and is usually used to produce a flat surface and contour.

  • Forming milling
    Forming milling

    Use forming cutting tools or flying knives for specific purposes, including convex and concave knives, and are usually used to create irregular surfaces and contours (such as curved surfaces).

  • Thread milling
    Thread milling

    Interpolate thread milling cutters around or inside the workpiece to create the required threads, requiring the machine tool to be able to move on the X, Y, and Z axes at the same time.

  • Contour milling
    Contour milling

    Rough or fine grinding of vertical or inclined surfaces, continuous tool path.

  • Straddle milling
    Straddle milling

    Two or more parallel vertical surfaces can be processed in one cut.

Milling Machine Type According to Its Structure

  • Desktop Milling Machine
    Desktop Milling Machine

    A small milling machine used for milling small parts such as instruments and meters.

  • Cantilever Milling Machine
    Cantilever Milling Machine

    A milling machine equipped with a milling head on the cantilever. The bed is placed horizontally. The cantilever can usually move vertically along the column guide on one side of the bed, while the milling head moves along the cantilevered guide.

  • Ram Milling Machine
    Ram Milling Machine

    A milling machine with the main shaft installed on the ram. The bed is placed horizontally. The hammer can move horizontally along the saddle rail, and the saddle can move vertically along the column rail.

  • Gantry Milling Machine
    Gantry Milling Machine

    It is a milling machine that puts the bed horizontally, and the columns and beams on both sides form the gantry. The milling head is installed on the beam and column and can move along the guide rail. Generally, the beam can move vertically along the column guide rails, and the table can move longitudinally along the bed guide rails. Used for processing large parts.

  • Plane Milling Machine
    Plane Milling Machine

    A milling machine used for cnc milling operation, such as milling planes and forming surfaces. The bed is placed horizontally. Usually, the worktable moves longitudinally along the bed rail, and the spindle can move axially. The structure is simple and the production efficiency is high.

  • Other Kinds of Machines
    Other Kinds of Machines

    Profiling milling machine, Elevating table milling machine, Rocker arm milling machine, and so on.

CNC Milling Advantages/Applications

Because milling can achieve very high accuracy with high productivity without changing the material structure, CNC milling is more and more popular because its machine range, control system, and cutting tools are constantly growing as well. We, as a cnc milling factory, provide CNC milling services, which can be applied to process various custom-designed CNC milled parts and products in various fields of the industry.

CNC Milling FAQs

About our equipment of milling machining center

Forlong CNC Milling Center now is a cnc milling manufacturer and supplier. Over many years of focusing on the OEM milling parts service, we are able to offer the best cnc milling service in China. In our milling center, there are 7 milling machining centers. 3 axis can process the dimension up to 600*600, while 5axis reaches the dimension up to Ø 400. You can watch cnc milling video or download related cnc milling pdf to know mpre about cnc milling operation.

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