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Miltary Industry

CNC machining services provide important manufacturing solutions for CNC military all kinds of parts for military and defense equipment, such as military weapons, naval weapons, military aircraft, military vehicles, ordnance, ships and submarines, air force equipment, marine equipment, Coast Guard equipment, weapons, etc. 

In order to satisfy the high-end demands and high criterion of army tools, strict materials, state-of-art processing technology, and sophisticated equipment are used for online high precision CNC machining of the military to make sure the efficient production, high accuracy, tight tolerances, durable service life, and long-term product life. The CNC military parts processing includes three, four, five-axis high-speed machining equipment.


Forlong CNC Turning, Milling, Drilling Service for Custom Machining Military Parts

As a professional producer and exporter of fast customized CNC machining parts in China, we are a trustable partner for military customers, supplying customers with higher quality. Forlong machining operates the latest equipment, adopts hi tech cnc technologies, and employs experienced staff to execute strictly and check each step to ensure that every detail is correctly designed, manufactured, and packaged. We, as a cnc machining service factory, will keep it completely confidential and produce customized military machined parts with turning, milling, and drilling processes in full accordance with your demand.

Our CNC military machining merit:

  • No matter quantity: low, medium, and mass production

  • all kinds of advanced equipment, including 3,4,5 axis equipment.

  • Excellent quality and most economic cost

  • size capacity: round rod diameter from 1mm to 300mm

  • machining  more prototype and more OEM services

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