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Food Industry

Because people take high importance to food safety and health, the demands of food machinery parts have increased as well. First of all, in order to meet the different needs of food, the various food processing machines and packaging equipment are sold on the market. CNC machining is regarded as a high efficient manufacturing method. It is widely used for mass production of food processing machine parts by subtracting materials according to CAD programming. Whether you need a sterilizer, ultrasonic cleaning machine, flotation tank, spray cleaning machine, sieve Submachine, how to roll the components of emery abrasive, sorting conveyor or jaw crusher, pressure mill and other CNC machining parts custom-designed for food processing equipment can be obtained quickly, safely and economically from reliable and fast CNC machining manufacturers Efficient product.

What machining parts of food machining we can offer

Forlong Precision Machining is a leading manufacturer of top CNC precision machining parts in China. It understands international food safety regulations and can provide fully compliant food processing machinery parts. Relying on 5-axis complex CNC machining and rich experience in CNC turning, milling and drilling services, we provide high-quality plastic and metal CNC machined parts suitable for high-speed, high-precision food processing equipment. Various CNC machining metal and plastic materials can be used to make different products with customized specifications. Using our food processing CNC processing, reasonable price, high durability, short delivery time, you can get more valuable services.


Specifications of our CNC processed food machinery parts

Main material: Brass, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, ABS, Delrin, graphite, HDPE, nylon, PLA, PC, PEEK, PMMA, PP, PTFE, VeroClear, etc.

Process type: Grinding, CNC milling turning, dressing, drilling, deburring, tapping, threading, sandblasting, polishing, vibration polishing, pressure testing, cleaning, etc.

Typical parts of food machinery: Shafts, motors, drives, inspection pads, workbenches, polymers, pins, gaskets, forgings, valves, hydraulic components, sleeves, welding parts, bushings, threaded rods, castings, etc.

tolerance:±.0002 inches (±.005 mm)

Certification:ISO9001: 2015

Application range: Food processing machinery, equipment used for cooking, packaging, preparation, storage and handling of food and food, systems, such as cleaning, grading, sorting, peeling, peeling, grinding/shredding, cutting/chopping, squeezing, agglomeration, Molding, homogenization/emulsification, mixing/blending, etc.

What's advantage of our machining service in the food industry?

-No matter what quantity you need

-Common 7 days sample shipping, even 4-5 days sometimes.

-Engineering grade materials for functional testing or end use

-Over 40 stored materials for CNC milling and turning request.

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