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Electronic Industry

As one of China's top suppliers of CNC electronic parts, Forlong Precision Machining provides customized precision CNC machining services for the global electronics industry. Our CNC machining of electronic parts relates to a variety of machining solutions, each of which has its own special processing features. We can select from more than 30 common processing materials that can be applied for functional electronic prototypes and end-use parts in the consumer electronics and high-tech electronics industries in the shortest time. Our engineering team has rich experience in CNC machining electronic parts.

Our capacity about the CNC machining electronic parts

  • Different CNC materials: CNC plastic material includes PVC, PEEK, nylon, and so on, Metal includes aluminum, titanium, brass, steel, stainless steel, zinc,  copper, magnesium, and so on 

  • Custom color: Black, blue, white, natural color, silver, red, green, and other customized color requirements

  • Industrial Surface treatment: anodizing, laser engraving, sandblasting, shot peening, electroplating,  wire drawing, powder coating, polishing, chromate, oxidation, electrophoresis, and spray paint

  • Various CNC machining processes: CNC milling, CNC threading, CNC turning, CNC drilling,  etc.

  • CNC electronic parts: Electronic hardware, metal laths, housings, thin wires, panels,  engraved parts, and other CNC machined electronic parts.


What Advantages of our CNC machined electronic parts?

Process different complex parts for customers in such industry

Lots of the latest 3-5 axle CNC machine tools can satisfy different processing demands.

A variety of compatible materials can be used for CNC electronic parts processing

Skilled engineers and state-of-art equipment make sure high precision and high precision production

Fast sample processing and mass production are available.

CNC machining of electronic parts and products

Almost all electronic products include PCB board and hardware with millions of tiny parts, so it is necessary to ensure that the complex hardware of these electronic products can be operated continuously and durably. At this time, CNC machining is widely adopted for electronic parts processing, such as rows of electronic parts, housings, metal laths, panels, thin wires, engraved parts, and other electronic parts. CNC machining has become the top choice for the production method of electronic parts due to its high productivity, low labor cost, and complex shapes.

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