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Agriculture Industry

The agricultural industry is constantly evolving, and nothing has changed: failure of agricultural machining equipment components can have a major impact on projects or crops. Because general agricultural plastic machining parts are large and complex, all agricultural parts used for agricultural equipment must be carefully processed in strict accordance with the strict requirements for technical requirements, including strict tolerances, ultra-high-precision specifications, and the best durable materials to ensure the machine, and the safe service life of the equipment. Therefore, CNC agricultural services customized for agricultural equipment are very important in the field of agricultural parts manufacturing. Customized CNC agriculture parts can also make your equipment more competitive in the market.

Best CNC Agricultural Machining Services Supplier

Do you need experienced and reliable parts manufacturers to process such CNC agriculture machining parts? Forlong is the best choice for many agriculture machining suppliers.

In order to meet your needs for agriculture machining parts, Forlong, as a professional CNC precision parts supplier, provides excellent precision CNC turned agricultural parts, such as engine parts, gearboxes and housings, suspension and power train parts, and wearing parts.

The cnc agricultural services are very suitable for the development and manufacturing of parts, processing various materials, such as CNC milling stainless steel, steel, aluminum, alloys, brass, and bronze. We customize parts of cnc agriculture according to strict industry specifications, corrosion-resistant fuselage, reliable, and easy to install. In addition, we will provide these parts to customers within the promised time.


Forlong CNC Agriculture Machining Features

main products: precision CNC turning, machining, lathing, milling, agricultural parts, and more customized CNC agricultural parts, etc.

Surface treatment: Chrome plating, anodizing, electroplating, painting, powder coating, passivation, carburizing

CNC machining Material Capacity: Stainless steel, steel, aluminum, alloy, brass, bronze, etc.

Application: Agriculture machining parts

Production equipment: CNC lathe, CNC machining center, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, precision drilling machine

Service: OEM, ODM or according to customer requirements an examination: Chemical composition and mechanical properties

Package: Environmental protection pp bag/PE foam/carton or wooden box, or according to customer's specific requirements.

CNC Agriculture Machining from Forlong Advantages

  • Good record of quality parts

  • Small batch rapid prototype CNC lathe service

  • Timely L/T

  • Rugged products

  • A lot of choices of materials and surface treatments

  • Every step is completely reliable

  • Reasonable price

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