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CNC Drilling Operations Steps and Procedures

CNC drilling and milling machine series is mainly used for plate, flange, disk, ring parts and other thickness in the effective range of workpiece efficient CNC drilling, which can drill through holes and blind holes on single material parts and composite materials. So how to use CNC drilling and milling machine to drill, and what are CNC drilling operation steps and processes?

1. CNC drilling line drawing

Before drilling, the first thing is to understand the requirements of precision CNC machining parts. According to the basic standard requirements of CNC drilling, the center line of drilling position is drawn by tools. The center line must be clear and accurate, and the thinner the better.  After the line is drawn, the vernier caliper or steel plate ruler should be used for measurement.

2. CNC drilling inspection gird or inspection circle drawing

After the line is drawn and verified, the inspection grid or inspection circle with the hole center line as the symmetrical center shall be drawn as the inspection line during trial drilling, so as to check and correct the drilling orientation during drilling.

3. CNC drilling, proofing and punching

After marking out the corresponding inspection grid or inspection circle, carefully proofing and punching shall be carried out. First make a small point and measure multiple times in different directions of the cross center line to see whether the punch is indeed on the intersection of the cross center line, and then make the sample punch right, round and large, so as to accurately center.

4. CNC drilling clamping

Clean machine tool table, fixture surface, workpiece reference surface with wipe cloth, Then clamp the workpiece flattened and steady as required and convenient to query and measure at any time. Pay attention to the clamping method of the workpiece in CNC drilling operation to prevent the workpiece from deformation due to clamping.

5. CNC drilling test

Before the formal operation of contract CNC machining, it is necessary to test drilling. The drill edge punches out a shallow hole in the center of the hole, and then observes whether the position of the shallow hole is correct. It is also necessary to constantly correct the deviation, so that the shallow hole is coaxial with the inspection circle. If the error is small, the workpiece can be pushed in the opposite direction while tripping out and calibrated step by step.

6. CNC drilling

Machine drilling is generally based on manual feeding operation. When the azimuth accuracy of trial drilling is required, CNC drilling can be carried out. When feeding manually, the feed force should not cause the drill to bend, and avoid the hole axis deviation.

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