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CNC 5 Axis Machining Service Creates Precise and Complex Parts for Many Industries

CNC 5 axis machining service refers to the use of computer numerical control (CNC) to move cutting tools or parts simultaneously along five axes. The cutting tool moves continuously along each axis so that the tip of the tool is always perpendicular to the part. This process allows us to process all kinds of complex parts. This article will introduce what is five-axis machining and briefly introduce the benefits of CNC 5 axis machining service.

Back in the days of Michelangelo, the available tools were chisels and hammers. Although Michelangelo may be able to create his gorgeous statue of David with a hammer and chisel, it is neither practical nor efficient for today's manufacturing needs.

Of course, whatever time period we are in, we need effective tools to make our ideas a reality. Whether we want to use marble or titanium to make a masterpiece, 5 axis machining service will bring us more efficient and closer to ideal results. Check relevant information in cnc turning china.

What is 5 axis machining service?

  • 5 axis machining service includes all the axes of 4 axis machining service, as well as an additional rotation axis. Five-axis machine tools are today's most efficient CNC machine tools, capable of creating precise and complex parts for automotive molds, oil and gas mechanical parts, titanium parts, medical, construction, and aerospace products.

  • The fifth axis in a 5axis machine tool revolves around the B axis, and the B axis rotates around the Y axis in the X, Y, and Z planes. This multi-dimensional rotation and tool movement enable the B-axis to have unparalleled precision, smoothness and speed in the production of workpieces. Five-axis machining is suitable for very complex parts, which is why it is so important in advanced applications such as aerospace applications.

  • 5 axis machining is becoming more and more popular. Not only because it provides the option of single-step processing (reducing delivery time), it also has better access to the geometry of the part, and improves tool life and processing efficiency by tilting the table to reach the ideal cutting position.

Benefits of CNC 5 axis machining service:

  • Single setting: Three-axis machine tools need to be set multiple times, which may lead to incorrect alignment, higher costs and other errors. Using CNC 5 axis machining service, we can machine complex shapes with a single setting, which improves efficiency, saves time, reduces costs and prevents operator errors.

  • Shorter cutting tools: CNC 5 axis machining service allows us to use shorter cutting tools because we can lower the tool head and orient the tool appropriately. This helps to achieve higher cutting speeds without putting too much pressure on the cutter. Shorter cutting tools can also reduce tool vibration, which can lead to cavities and cores. Since the vibration of the five-axis machine tool is smaller, we will see a better surface finish. 

  • Complex parts: This process allows us to process complex parts that would otherwise require casting. If we have small batch production or prototype manufacturing, we can process parts in a few weeks instead of waiting for months to finish casting.

    Extend tool life: We can maintain a constant chip load and the best cutting position, thereby extending the cycle time and life of the tool.

  • Hole drilling: CNC 5 axis machining service provides the ability to drill a series of holes with various compound angles in time. This can save a lot of time. If we use a 3-axis machine tool, we need to use different settings for each hole.

  • Avoid collision: the ability to tilt the workbench or cutting tool to prevent collision with the tool holder.

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