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Characteristics of CNC Milling Machining

1. CNC milling is flexible and versatile

CNC milling and CNC milling machining centers are suitable for processing a variety of workpieces with different structures and shapes, and can complete drilling, boring, reaming, milling planes, milling bevels, milling grooves, milling surfaces (cams), tapping and other processing.

2. High precision of CNC milling machining

CNC milling and machining centers have high machining accuracy, and under normal circumstances, the accuracy of the workpiece can be guaranteed. In addition, the process of  CNC machining precision also avoids the operator's operational errors, and the size of the same batch of processed parts has good dimensional identity, which greatly improves the product quality.

3. CNC milling has high production efficiency

CNC milling and machining center has the functions of milling machine, boring machine and drilling machine, which makes the process highly centralized, greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the workpiece clamping error. The spindle speed of CNC milling realizes stepless speed change, which is conducive to selecting the best cutting parameters. CNC milling has the functions of fast forward, fast backward and fast positioning, which can greatly reduce the maneuver time. As an expert of precision CNC machined parts, we can offer advanced technology of CNC milling for the customers.

4. CNC milling can process complex shapes

In addition to milling the surfaces of various parts that can be milled by ordinary milling machines, high precision CNC milling machine can also mill the plane curve contour and spatial surface contour that can not be milled by ordinary milling machines. This is due to the linkage of multiple feed coordinate axes of CNC machine tools.

5. CNC milling reduces the labor intensity of operators

CNC milling automatically completes the processing of parts according to the pre programmed processing program. In addition to operating the keyboard, loading and unloading tools, workpiece and intermediate measurement and observing the operation of the machine tool, the operator does not need to carry out heavy repetitive manual operation, which greatly reduces the labor intensity.

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