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Analysis of hardening factors of cnc parts

1. Factors of raw material processing: the hardness of raw materials is small, and the hardness level of raw materials with large plasticity is more important.

2. The shape factor of the tool: the rake angle of the tool, the roundness of the blade, and the wear on the back have a great influence on the hardened layer in CNC machining. As the lead angle decreases and the edge and trailing edge wear increases, the depth and hardness of the hardened layer will increase.


3. Cutting parameters of CNC precision parts: The changes in cutting speed and feed rate have a great influence on the hardness of cold work. As the cutting speed increases, the contact time between the tool and the workpiece becomes shorter, the degree of plastic deformation becomes smaller, and the hardness and hardness decrease. As the feed rate increases, the level of plastic deformation increases, and the level of surface cold hardening increases.


Therefore, as long as the above factors are properly prevented, CNC machined parts will not have hardness problems.

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