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Advantages of CNC Milling Machining

1. The CNC milling can process complex parts and has a wide machining range

Compared with ordinary milling, CNC milling has the characteristics of high machining precision, the ability to machine the parts of complex shape, and a wide machining range. According to the characteristics of CNC milling, the machining contents suitable for CNC milling mainly include the following categories: complex structures such as curve contour or curved surface: plane curve contour of the workpiece, which means that the inner and outer contour of parts are complex curves, and the machined surface is parallel or perpendicular to the horizontal plane. In CNC milling, they can be processed only by the two coordinate linkages of three-coordinate CNC milling.

The surface of a workpiece generally refers to the surface where the points on the surface change in three-dimensional space coordinates. It is generally designed by a mathematical model. During machining, the milling cutter only touches one point on the machining surface. When CNC milling process the parts of the curved surface, three coordinate linkage CNC milling is generally used, which often needs the help of computer programming.

2. The process of CNC milling machining is easier

Workpiece structure with great difficulty in ordinary milling: for parts with various sizes, difficult marking and detection, and difficult to observe and control in ordinary milling, the CNC milling should be selected.

3. The process of CNC milling machining is precise

When machining on ordinary milling, it is difficult to ensure the dimensional accuracy, shape and position accuracy, and surface roughness of the workpiece, the CNC milling should be selected.

4. The quality of CNC milling parts is good

Parts with good consistency requirements: in batch production, due to the high positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of CNC milling itself, it can avoid a variety of errors caused by human factors in ordinary milling, so CNC milling is easy to ensure the consistency of batch parts, improve the processing accuracy and stabilize the quality.

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