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Advantages of Aluminum CNC Milling Service and Traditional Machining

Industrial aluminum profiles slowly come into the public's field of vision, and in many cases industrial aluminum profiles are used as special processed parts or beams. At this time, deep processing is required. Aluminum CNC milling service is a way of deep processing. Aluminum CNC milling service can save labor costs and have high precision in processing. So what is the difference between traditional process and aluminum CNC milling service, do you know?

The difference between traditional process and aluminum CNC milling service:

  • First of all, the processing characteristics of traditional aluminum profiles. Generally need to use ordinary manual machine tools for processing. Mechanical processing requires manual operation. And shaking the mechanical handle, the tool cuts the metal, so as to achieve the processing purpose. In the process of operation, it is necessary to use tools such as calipers to measure and fix the position of the processing hole of the product, so the processing accuracy of the product is not high. Especially when some products have many holes and high precision is required, it will be difficult to reach the standard. 

  • Then let's talk about the center for aluminum CNC milling service. The CNC machinery center is different from the traditional process. First of all, it is an automatic machine tool controlled by programming. The program control system can process and control the program logically, and this program can be decoded by the computer. According to the designed action, the blank can be processed into a semi-finished product by cutting the aluminum profile product with a knife. The precision of the products processed by the CNC machining center can reach 0.01mm. Not only the precision is high, but unnecessary parts can be arbitrarily programmed to remove. Drilling, tapping, milling, cutting, etc. can be completed in one step.

  • In summary, the advantages of aluminum CNC milling service are obviously higher than those of traditional processes. Therefore, more and more companies favor the products processed by CNC machining centers to be used in mechanical equipment. Especially for a small number of samples, when the product accuracy requirements and the hole position are asymmetric, aluminum CNC milling service can perfectly solve this problem. So what are the processes of aluminum CNC milling service?

The process of aluminum CNC milling service

  • The first is aluminum profile cutting: aluminum profile cutting is the simplest and most common processing method in CNC processing, which is to cut into different lengths according to the needs of customers.

  • Then there is CNC punching: Industrial aluminum profiles do not need to be welded, and are generally linked by accessories. Different aluminum profiles have different linking methods and different degrees of punching including but not limited to through holes and step holes. The punching process is a relatively common and high-tech process in the naluminum CNC milling service. View more about cnc turning and milling center.

  • Then there is aluminum profile tapping: aluminum profile tapping is what we often call tapping. The processing of the aluminum profile is to perform thread tapping on the tapping holes at the end of the aluminum profile according to the technical requirements of the design drawings, which is used for the fastening and connection of the later frame.

  • The last is the CNC milling of the milling machine: the conventional frame assembly of aluminum profiles does not need to be processed by CNC milling, but in special circumstances, the use of non-standard parts and profiles may require CNC processing of aluminum profiles.

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