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ABS material is a kind of usual CNC machining thermoplastic polymer material. Due to the various ratios of the 3 monomers, abs plastic raw material have different features and melting points. If the liquid cnc ABS material is combined with another kind of additives, it could be achieved abs molded plastics with various features and functions, such as impact resistance, heat resistance, transparency, reinforcement, flame retardancy, electroplating, and so on. 

ABS material, which is one kind of cnc machining materials, also can change the thermal stability and chemical resistance, butadiene improves strength and toughness, and styrene has better formability and rigidity. CNC ABS moulded plastic material is an ideal choice for CNC machining parts by means of turning, drilling, milling.


ABS Applications

As an abs plastic company and professional CNC machining service manufacturer in China, Forlong machining can process a variety of low-cost parts with different CNC machining materials. Surely, one of the most popular engineering plastics-CNC abs molded plastic machining parts will not be ignored. Forlong machining, as an abs manufacturer and abs material supplier in China, provide custom precision CNC ABS parts according to your samples or drawings. We offer abs transparent material, durable abs material and high strength abs. More details can be achieved in the abs material data sheet.

We, specilaizing at the manufacturing of cnc precision machining parts,  provide various abs plastic raw material processing services: such as CNC milling, drilling, turning, and lathes to complete different geometric shapes and sizes of cnc ABS parts. Many kinds of custom high quality abs with affordable prices for sale.

Our CNC machining ABS precision parts can be surface sprayed, electroplated, metal welding, hot pressing, and bonding, and are widely used in machinery, automobiles, electronic appliances, instruments, textiles, medical cnc machining and construction industries.

Features Of Our ABS Machining Service Plastic Machined Parts

  • The ranges of wide temperature

  • Better machinability

  • Without difficulty of bonding and weldability

  • Well size stability

  • The abs design of Chemical resistance, mechanical toughness

  • Widely used to be machined common mechanical parts, telecom parts, and transmission parts.

ABS Machining Features

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