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  • 5-axis Machining Services Capabilities
  • 5-axis Machining Services Capabilities
  • 5-axis Machining Services Capabilities

5-axis Machining Services Capabilities

5 axis cnc parts can be completed on one 5-axis machine tool, thereby reducing fixtures and preparation work and saving a lot of time.

Complicated shapes of 5 axis cnc parts can be handled easily, efficiently in a 5-axis machining center.

Excellent surface finishes can be achieved, improves the overall quality of 5 axis cnc parts.

Expanded capabilities, higher accuracy, boosted throughput and shortened lead time.

Improved cutting conditions, maintain the optimal cutting, and reduce damage to the tool.

Achieve excellent surface finish and improve the machined quality by 5-axis equipment.

Various functions, higher precision,  and reduce the L/T.

Improve cutting circumstances, get the best cutting results, and maintain the tool runs well.

5 Axis Machining vs 3+2 Machining

5 axis cnc machining service, which is one of cnc machining precision services,  is different from 3+2-axis machining. 5-axis CNC milling or machining involves continuous adjustments of the cutting tool along all five axes to keep the tooltip optimally perpendicular to the part. While 3+2 machining, also known as 5-sided machining or 5-axis indexed, it's actually a 3-axis program with the cutting tool fixed at an angle depending on the two rotational axes. 3+2 machining needs to stop and start between each tool reorientation, while 5 axis machining does not require that, so its speed is greatly improved. In addition, 5 axis cnc machining services suit more applications due to its stronger capacities. Generally, 3+2 machining works for plane processing and can't complete oblique or special machining, while 5 axis machining center is suitable for various contour surface machining.

Five axis cnc milling or machining means continuously changing the cutting tool along all five axes to keep the tip of the knife optimally perpendicular to the part. While operating 3 + 2 machinings, indeed, it is a 3-axis method in which the cutting tool is fixed at a certain angle according to two rotating axes.

The reason of choosing us

  • In Our 5 axis vertical center, we have assembled with many changes of position tool, which is no need to own different machinery. That allows 5 axes to complete the complex 5 axis cnc parts fast and economically. We also provide 5 axis edm and 5 axis gantry cnc service.

  • 5 axis cnc machining services at Forlong, which is one of swiss machining companies in china, have the powerful performance to make high-quality products with low cost of 5 axis cnc, which are satisfied or surpassed your expectation. We, being a cnc parts manufacturer, offer 5 axis cnc with affordable prices for sale.

  • With 5 axis machining center for many kinds of materials, We can machine precision cnc machining parts.

  • A whole set of the QC systems and equipment make sure the five axis  CNC machining parts quality consistently meet your requirements.

  • For the 5 axes, High efficiency will be competitive at the price and L/T.

The brief introduction of 5 Axis Machining

In the five axis cnc machining center, the tool can shift across the X, Y, and Z linear axes and the A and B axes. For this function, the cutter can touch the workpiece from different points of the part. Five axis cnc machining is distinguished from 5-sided machining. Therefore, 5 axis cnc machining services have endless possibilities for machined parts. Hook-shaped surface processing, uncommon shape processing, hollow processing, punching, beveling, and more special requirement can be completed through five axis cnc services very well.

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