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Forlong Precision
Forlong Precision
CNC machining works on hard metals such as stainless steel and titanium, soft metals like aluminum, copper, and brass, and plastics including ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, acrylic, etc.
  • CNC Machining Plastic
    Except for the metal, Forlong Precision Machining, as a professional CNC precision parts supplier, has a good command of processing all kinds of plastic parts according to their own character as well, like Nylon, and ABS.
  • CNC Machining Metal
    One of the most common material types in CNC machining is metal, so there are many options for our manufacturing.
Machining Specialists with Full Range of Capabilities
  • Marine Industry
    Forlong is a professional marine hardware manufacturer and cnc machining parts factory in China. And Forlong has established a good reputation in providing high-quality CNC machining parts for the marine industry.
  • Machine Tool Industry
    Forlong precision machining is the top customized supplier of CNC machining services for precision machine tools in China, which provides custom precision machining services for aviation, agriculture, automobiles, ships, electronics, medical, military and other industries.
  • Semiconductor Industry
    We will work with you to develop and manufacture high-precision equipment for producing small, delicate electronic parts and components.
  • Automative Industry
    Customize the dimension, color,tolerance,surface treatment for your auto precision cnc machining parts.
  • Electronic Industry
    The cnc precision parts used in electronic products will be perfectly completed by means of different custom precision machining services.
  • Medical Industry
    For medical parts, your requirement about the tolerance, safe and green material, the high polish will be satisfied by Forlong Precision Machining.
  • Miltary Industry
    Our products have strong capacity of machining military parts, with high accuracy and excellent quality. We also provide custom cnc machining services.

We are one of the best custom CNC precision machining suppliers in China, who specialize in low-cost OEM CNC machining parts manufacturing.

In the past 10 years, Forlong Precision CNC Machining ltd, as a CNC machining parts supplier, specializes all kinds of standard or non-standard size precision CNC machined parts which are used in different fields, adopting the milling, turning, drilling, grinding, anodizing...way to meet customer's request. With the rapid development of our CNC machining company, we establish the whole effective procedures of a one-stop CNC machining service in china, no matter what quantity and material and tolerance.